The trade between China and Russia in February of the current year was 5.9 billion dollars, where the growth is 3.2 percent year-on year, Zheng Yuesheng of China’s customs authority said on Saturday.

In February, the export to Russia grew by three percent to 2.4 billion dollars, and the import to China grew by 3.3 percent to 3.5 billion dollars, he said.

China’s foreign trade in February made 251.18 billion dollars – 4.8-percent decline year-on-year. The export reduced by 18.1 percent to 114.1 billion dollars, and the import grew by 10.1 percent to 137.08 billion dollars. China’s foreign trade deficit in February was 22.98 billion dollars against the surplus of 14.8 billion dollars in February 2013.

“The deficit in China’s foreign trade in February is due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year – the Spring Festival,” he continued. “We registered similar situations in February 2012 and in March 2013.”

China’s trade with the EU in February grew by 9.2 percent to 34.5 billion dollars, and with the US – by 7.8 percent to 32.74 billion dollars.