Russia is now the most attractive European state in terms of investments, President of one of Russia’s biggest banks, Sberbank, German Gref said in an interview with the Vesti-24 television channel.

“I think that Russia is still a very attractive region for direct investments,” he said. Sberbank is an international company, we are present in 22 countries. I have been often asked – which country is the most attractive for our investments in next five years? It is very simple to answer this question – we have just approved our five-year strategy, where we have analyzed all European and Asian markets. And the Russian market appears the most attractive one among all European markets.”

He said that financial markets were expected to grow by an average of 15 percent a year. “No other market could be compatibles in terms of investment attractiveness with Russia’s,” he noted. “Turkey’s market is also expected to be attractive. We think it is Europe’s second most attractive market. Markets of Eastern European countries, for instance, Poland, will be attractive too. They are recovering from recession and are showing good dynamics.” Apart from that, some of Asian markets would be on the rise, he noted. “The last destination for direct investments is highly developed countries,” he added.