Midwestern Brazil’s Goiás state water utility Saneago is preparing basic plans for water supply and sewerage collection and treatment projects in 51 cities and towns throughout the state, Saneago president Júlio Vaz told BNamericas.

“Potable water supply works are being prepared for 38 municipalities and sewerage works for another 13,” Vaz said.

Some of the main projects for water supply are being planned for the cities and towns of Rio Verde, Pirenópolis, Valparaíso, Cristalina, Águas Lindas, Jataí, Cidade de Goiás, Aruanã, São Luis de Montes Belos, Planaltina, Inhumas, Ipameri, Morrinhos, Goianésia and São Miguel do Araguaia.

Wastewater tenders are being prepared for municipalities such as Luziânia, Valparaíso, Anicuns, Alexânia, Bela Vista, Goianira, and Ipameri, added Vaz without providing further details.

Finally, the executive highlighted a project in state capital Goiânia which is already in the bidding phase. It involves phase 2 work to implement the city’s Hélio Seixo de Brito wastewater treatment plant.

Based in Goiânia, Saneago is responsible for the supply and treatment of potable water as well as the collection and treatment of sewage in 225 of the state’s 246 municipalities. The company provides water services to some 4.7mn people and sewerage services to approximately 2.1mn.