FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014

SAO PAULO–Brazil’s general price index, known as the IGP-M, increased just 0.06% between April 21 and April 30, well below the rise of 0.72% in the March 21 to March 31 period, the private-sector Getulio Vargas Foundation said Friday.

The latest figure was below analysts’ expectations for an increase of 0.07% to 0.49%. The rolling IGP-M rate for the 12 months through April 30 was 8.04%. The IGP-M measures inflation adjusted for annual rental contracts of housing and commercial properties across Brazil.

Wholesale prices–which carry a 60% weighting in the overall index–dropped 0.28% in the April 21-30 period, compared with an increase of 0.80% in the previous period.

Meanwhile, consumer prices–which have a 30% weighting in the overall index–were up 0.64% in the period, compared with a 0.65% rise in the previous period.

Construction costs, which have a 10% weighting in the index, rose 0.92% compared with a 0.35% increase in the prior period.