3/12/2014 1:18:04 PM

In February of 2014, Brazilian annual inflation rate accelerated to 5.68 percent from 5.59 percent in the previous month. On a monthly basis, prices rose to 0.69 percent due to higher housing rents and school fees.

Among food prices, fruits recorded the highest annual increase (22.58 percent).
On a monthly basis, education prices grew the most (5.97 percent) due to higher school fees, followed by household articles (1.07 percent) and housing (0.77 percent). In contrast, food prices slowed to 0.56 percent and transport cost fell 0.05 percent. Clothing prices also decreased 0.4 percent.
Among regions, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife, recorded higher annual inflation rates, while the remaining regions recorded rates of inflation lower than 5.68 percent.