6/6/2014 1:20:41 PM

Brazilian annual consumer prices increased for the fourth consecutive month to 6.37 percent in May from 6.28 percent in April. It is the highest rate in eleven months.

Year-on-year, food prices rose 7.67 percent. Meat and fish recorded the highest increase (16.25 percent and 15.78 percent, respectively), followed by prices of fruits and vegetables (12.8 percent and 11.2 percent, respectively). Housing cost rose 7.48 percent; household appliances increased 11.61 percent; health and personal care grew 6.66 percent and transport prices increased 3.41 percent.

Among regions, the highest inflation rate was recorded in Rio de Janeiro (7.61 percent) and Porto Alegre (7.11 percent) and the lowest in Belo Horizonte (5.14 percent).

On a monthly basis, the inflation rate decelerated for the second consecutive month to 0.46 percent from 0.67 percent in April. Cost of food slowed to 0.58 percent and transport prices fell 0.45 percent. In contrast, prices of apparel and personal expenses accelerated to 0.84 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively