The Songimvelo-Malolotja Transfrontier 4X4 trail is a 60km first of its kind (in Southern Africa) trail in Swaziland and South Africa. Two sections have been earmarked along the route for camp development.

Malolotja TFCA 4X4 Trail

The Malolotja 4×4 trail project in Swaziland is envisioned to provide rustic self-catering accommodation at three separate camps for up to 12 guests each. These camps will be situated within the pristine Mhlamgamphepha valley, western Malolotja Nature Reserve, north western Swaziland.

Songimvelo 4×4 trail

The Songimvelo 4×4 trail, 3hrs from Gauteng, provides rustic self-catering accommodation at two separate camps for up to 12 guests each. The first of these camps will be situated on the Mendon highlands of the Songimvelo Game Reserve at 1600meters a.s.l, accessible off the famous Saddleback Pass the winds up the Barberton Mountain lands from the town of Barberton. The second will be located at in the remote Dunbar valley, some 800 meters below the first camp.