Abdullah Mansour Alqarni

Alekseeva Elena

Arika Halder

Dhruv Avinash Nilkanth

Dunia Essam lbrahim

Eduardo Zimmermann

Huang Jingqing

Irene Mpofu

Irina Fokina

Ji Liurulin

Jiang Yuchen

Ling Zixin

Lwazi Musawenkosi Apleni

Majduleen Nezar Dahesh Alali

Maria Luisa Rocha Malta

Martha Aguiar de Barros Nunes

Melissa Lira de Souza

Mohsen Mofidi Chelan

Nina Skubachevskaia

Nionella Nikonenkova

Natile Nonhlanhla Cele

Octávio Oliveira

Peng Bo

Robert Aboyan

Tapan Bharadwaj

Wei Xinyue

(*Names are listed in alphabetical order. The 2024 Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) has received a total of 290 applications from 16 countries. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for our program. For those who have been selected for the scholarship are requested to cherish this precious opportunity. If you withdraw during the period, you will never be admitted. Thank you for your understanding!)